Bruce Ransom

Professional West Vancouver Con Man provides information on notorious international Ponzi scammer Bruce Ransom of West Vancouver Canada. Bruce has a very long and well documented history of conning unsuspecting investors out of MILLIONS of dollars around the globe. Bruce Ransom is currently operating a Ponzi scam within the cannabis and CBD markets out of both Vancouver, BC and Las Vegas, Nevada. Bruce Ransom is a cunning┬ánarcissistic sociopath with zero regard for anything other than his addiction to stealing money in order to uphold his facade lifestyle of the rich and famous. Enjoy this fansite Bruce you’ve earned it!

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Bruce Ransom 101

Bruce Ransom 101 To say that Bruce Ransom has a colorful past would be an understatement. Below you will find online accounts of fraud, scams and more involving Bruce Ransom.

A Scam In The Making

I was introduced to Bruce Ransom by a mutual friend in late April of 2019. We spoke on the phone and discussed our related health and wellness businesses and I agreed to purchase $30,000.00 worth of product (Bio Enhancer) from Bruce... A few days later Bruce flew into...

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