Bruce Ransom

Meet Bruce Ransom

AGE: 55

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Madeleine Ransom.

RESIDES: 1432 Lawson Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7T 2E8 (Rents for $5400/month)

PHONE: 1 (604) 992-9457 | 1 (725) 251-8357

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Bruce Ransom 101

Bruce Ransom 101 To say that Bruce Ransom has a colorful past would be an understatement. Below you will find online accounts of fraud, scams and more involving Bruce Ransom.

A Scam In The Making

I was introduced to Bruce Ransom by a mutual friend in late April of 2019. We spoke on the phone and discussed our related health and wellness businesses and I agreed to purchase $30,000.00 worth of product (Bio Enhancer) from Bruce... A few days later Bruce flew into...

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