Meet Joe, yet another apparent victim of Bruce Ransom. We are not sure who Joe is just yet but the emails he has sent in to Bruce’s Ransom are concerning to say the least and are being published as public record.

Email #1 

From Joe on 2020-07-07 21:56
Hi Bruce, I assume that is a trip wire?
… get back to me asap
Email #2
From Joe on 2020-07-08 14:32
Hi Bruce, tripwire news flash:
as you heard, I have nothing to loose anymore… this time you made the mistake to get me involved… ruining another life….big mistake of arrogance this time!!
I heard that you activated some hitmen to get me…. well, you want to ask one of your gang members, EJ , about the run in with Universal forces the other night…. I hear that was beyond unpleasant to have encounters with the Supernatural…. she might be pretty shaken up. and needs some counselling …. changes within health to follow….. btw: unexpected changes to health can’t be solved or even seen through CTscan, MRI and such…
..just to let you know, when your guys are successful to kill me…. I’ll get you even from the other side….and you should take that statement serious…
The only way to stop what is unleashed …  we all get our investment / money back…in full by July 31, 2020…
…and always remember…. you came to me and bagged for money…. I don’t need legal assistance …I’m connected  to the field
In good health and love and light


Email #3

From Joe on 2020-07-21 11:29

Tripwire newsflash:
Hi Bruce my friend, there are 10 days left to pay back the money. Be aware that a group of highly experienced professionals are in line, who are eager to pay back some favours
Pandoras box will be opened on August 1, 2020 when you fail to perform on your end…. in that case good luck for you and all your gang members 🙂 …. you will learn how powerful that all is 🙂
Bruce Ransom Madeleine Ransom